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Hi! I'm Sam. Non-binary queer individual basically just fucking around and pretending I'm running a proper blog. For more detail, read my full About. Formerly Cher-Guevara. They/Them/Theirs pronouns please.
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Dimensions of Dialogue | 1982 | dir. Jan Svankmajer

Watch it here.


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I met Luke skywalker today (: I love Star Trek!

Dumb bitch

Don’t be rude….. Why can’t I be a Trekkie and proud? “Falcon Punch!!!” Amiright?

Just incase this isn’t a joke. Harrison Ford played Han Solo in Star wars

No sweetie……. You’re confused…….. You’re thinking about Yoda from Star Fox (:

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The Craft (1996)

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Anonymous asked: Sorry, but I have no respect for DC fans. Marvel forever <3


cripes ok I was gonna ignore this or be glib because my uterus is attempting to liquidize itself but I’ll bite

whatever. whatever. argue about whether or not DC or marvel are better until you pass out. whatever. whether you prefer the characters, the philosophies, the histories, the current canon, the creative direction, the marketing/PR messages they are giving off…whatever. both comics companies have their negative and positive qualities.

but don’t shit on fans of the other company. you really have no respect for DC fans??? like???? really????? you don’t respect someone because they prefer this other group of fictional costumed nutjobs to your favorite group of fictional costumed nutjobs. like, you do know most fans don’t have loyalty to DC or marvel simply because of the people in charge of those companies or their characters, right? in fact, most people are loyal to the big two in SPITE of the people in charge. they just love the characters, like you love marvel’s characters, and they’re sticking through what has been some of the worst creative decisions made by any publisher in fictional media ever. most DC fans who are still reading DC despite hating it actually deserve your respect, because marvel fans have it sO EASY RIGHT NOW.

marvel is big right now. marvel is HUGE right now. it’s everywhere. we’re getting multiple movies every year, the comics are appearing on national tv, ryan seacrest said “I am groot” on the radio. like marvel is the comeback kid du jour, guaranteed success no matter what they do (for now), a success story similar to that of robert downey jr, marvel’s biggest star who was a high risk commodity not even 10 years ago. and now he’s making them billions of dollars. and marvel knows this, knows its fanbase is huge and they can do whatever right now and we will all still suck their dick. and they made noises about appealing to fans outside their traditional core audience. marvel comics has multiple female solo titles right now, x-men is still an all-female team, the new thor and cap announcements are clearly attempts to show how progressive they are. the films aren’t doing shit, but they’re pretending they are, which is close enough for most fans. 

DC, on the other hand, has been doing its LEVEL BEST to get rid of every single fan who is not a 13-47 year old white straight male with a reddit account who thinks that the dark knight was the best film of all time. so if anyone is still reading DC who does not fall into that criteria, well. they’re troopers, and they deserve respect for that. if you think they’re stupid for that, well just wait a bit. marvel’s weaknesses are starting to show, which is what this whole marvel vs. DC discussion has been about. and most DC fans KNOW THAT DC SUCKS BALLS RIGHT NOW. I have yet to see a DC fan cross my dash who is not frustrated with some aspect of either their comics or their live-action adaptations. they are aware of their problematic fave, which is more than I can say for some marvel fans.

oh also marvel’s fandom is full of obnoxious dudebros who think that everything should be darker and grittier too. both fandoms have the dudebros and the shippers, the redditers and the tumblrs, etc. there are awful people in both fandoms, there are wonderful people in both fandoms. and most of the fandoms are just??? regular fans. who just like the thing, without going to one extreme or the other.

ok this got too long THE POINT IS. in your discussions of which franchise is better, leave the fans out of it. we’re all fans of stupid shit, and we’re all getting screwed over on some level by comics publishers who don’t give a shit about us. just chill. go stand in the sun for a few minutes. watch sharknado 2. look at this dog. if dogs aren’t your thing, look at this cat. gain some perspective on life

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Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea Concept Art
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none binary with left girl

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El Bardo

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